What is Total Family Metamorphosis?

Author of the forthcoming book:  Sacred Sexuality:  Honoring the True Essence of Women

Family Metamorphosis:

Family Style Wellness Seminars, Programs and Coaching

Click here to purchase Anya’s book:  “There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Child:  Finding Peace in Parenting

Learn how to:

  • Recognize Your Divinity and Your Child’s Divinity
  • Learn what’s most important to your soul and your child’s soul
  • Embrace your challenges and your child’s challenges
  • Understand your life path and your child’s life path
  • Listen to your soul and your child’s soul

Our Seminars are available in person in the Santa Cruz area, via Teleconference, and Webinar.


Learn Tools in:

  • Self-Healing
  • Self-Inquiry
  • Communication
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Self-Love
  • Divine and Sacred Relationship
  • Alternative Healing Modalities
  • Self-Expression
  • Weight Loss and Detoxification
  • Nutrition/Wellness/Supplements
  • Meditation
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Coping with grief, loss, trauma, pain and anything “old” that you wish you fully release.
  • And much more….

“Anya is a wonderful doula and healer. She helped me through my pregnancy, child’s birth and as post partum doula. Her active presence in our lives was truly life-changing and transformational. Anya is very caring and giving – she made our experience full of miracles and a very pleasant journey. Also, her energy work is truly amazing.”  ~ Katya E.  San Mateo, CA

Are you ready?

Why this our seminars work:

  • Many people need a re-connection to Soul, Spirit and their personal truth and our programs offer that in a very deep and life-changing manner
  • Many people misunderstand why their children are here and spend so much time attempting to get a child to be a certain way or become something in particular, whereas after this program, adults find greater ease with themselves and with their families.
  • The process of self-inquiry and growth requires a guide who has been there before.  This is where Anya comes in.
  • You get the chance to learn what children today are really seeking and during the process, you become aware of your own truth, purpose and soul path.
  • You will receive many insights and solutions for creating a healthy, balanced, spiritual family.  Anya’s intuitive guidance allows for a high degree of accuracy in finding solutions to your long-held problems.

“Our children have so many gifts to share with us, but when we are out of balance, when our life is out of balance, our relationships inevitably suffer and when that happens, our happiness suffers.  To bring yourself back into balance is the best gift that you can offer your family and everyone you know.   Getting back to your true Self is a precious gift of love and service to ALL.”    Anya Aliza Rose


For in-depth study we also recommend the following books and healing resources to support your total metamorphosis:



 Anya Aliza Rose will help you move from wherever you are, to wherever you want to be in your life.  She is well-versed in making the most intense personal transformations happen for herself and for those close to her, as well as her clients and friends.  We will take a good look at where you are, what your Spirit Guides are suggesting to you, and then develop a personalized program for how to get there.  This program will be tailor-made for each individual client.

Anya’s Other Websites: http://childrensforumforpeace.wordpress.com


Anya is an Intuitive, shaman, mother, author and speaker on vast spiritual and transformational topics. 


  • Energetic Attunements, Adjustments and Expansive Spiritual Openings (as guided, as needed)


Email us at angelpeace33@gmail.com for more information.


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