Would you like to try a new Breakthrough Session with Andria?

Bringing more Light and Peace into the home for greater transformation


Dear Friends, Spirit has prompted me to offer this new breakthrough session to my former clients and students first.  This is a special offer and introduction to my new offerings for 2012.  I am only being guided to offer only 5 sessions this week, so if you are interested, schedule your session today.

 Do you want more Harmony in your life?  Your family?  Your relationships?  Your Career?

Here’s how you can create a Total Family Metamorphosis:

From Dysfunction to Function Breakthrough Session with Andria Wagner

A half-hour self-revolution on your way to Peace and Love.

The first five people who reply and schedule a session today receive this as a gift!  (A $289 Value)

You know you have needed to make a change.  You may even know what it is.  Stop procrastinating with your total happiness.  Let the love in and take the steps to change your life today.  Healing can be so simple when we allow it.  Don’t put it off, you’re worth the happiness that awaits you.

We will guide you to:

  • What dysfunction is costing you, your spouse, and your children each day?

• Uncover hidden challenges (What one thing do you want to change today?)

• Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from  _______

• Create a crystal-clear vision (What do you want and need in your life?)

• Create an action plan / clear plan with steps to ___________

• The one simple step / your next step to get into action

• Leave the session ready-to-take-action

** Respond Today to angelpeace33@gmail.com for your Breakthrough Session!

Kick-Start a new life! 

Learn more about our unique VIP day with Andria and our amazing new 90-Day Platinum Program now available!

By angelpeace33

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