3 Awesome Products for you and your family!

Hello Friends,

Here are 3 naturally amazing products to improve your health and well-being.  I discovered these products by serendipity and have used all three and found great results in my energy levels.  My Spirit guides then told me that I would share this information with others to help them heal, improve their energy and awaken to their fullest potential.   

With love, Andria Wagner   http://www.AngelPeace.com

Email me at angelpeace33@gmail or call me at 408.409.5208 for more information.

1)Vitality made by NuSkin USA – Vitality is a mix of three plant materials which are formulated to increase energy and stimulate regeneration of the body.  One of the ingredients is cordyceps.  Read more here about cordyceps: http://superfoodu.com/cordyceps-mushrooms/    I took this product for over a year before I became pregnant for the third time.   I noticed increased stamina, energy and concentration, as well as not needing to sleep as much.  Vitality reverses aging by correcting negative gene expression. 

2)Galvanic Spa made by NuSkin USA – The Galvanic Spa is a multi-use handheld facial tool.  It fits in the palm of your hand and you use it about twice a week to give yourself an anti-aging facial.  Besides making your face look younger and younger, the product stimulates acupressure points giving you and all-over body tune-up, improving the flow of energy, just by stimulating the points in the face.  Men and women can benefit, but of course, it is mostly used by women (though the women I know who use it have shown how well it works to their husbands and the men start using it too).  I bought this product after receiving a demo on just half of my face.  At just age 33, I noticed major improvements after just one treatment such as;  smoothing out of wrinkles, less puffiness, less gray color under the eyes, tighter pores, brighter skin and a brighter aura.   Those who use it report compliments from many people wondering what they are doing differently as the results are very noticeable.  The tool actually reverses aging of the skin and body.  The gels used with the Galvanic also correct negative gene expression, literally shutting off aging factors in the body.

3)StemEnhance2 made by StemTech – Stem Enhance 2 is a capsule form of AFA Blue Green Algae and Cordyceps, plus two other active ingredients, which stimulate healing of the body.  You will notice improved energy, stamina, and health almost immediately.  With AFA, the function of Stem Enhance is different than Vitality (mentioned above).  AFA is a super-food with many health benefits, you can read more here:  http://www.indigochild.net/a_die_indigo_kinder_blaugruene_algen.htm

I took Stem Enhance 2 right after giving birth and I felt all of my energy come back into my body, it was the most immediate & amazing result I’ve felt.  My vision came into focus, my mind cleared and I was incredibly present and brought back to “normal” right after the birth of my third son.  I did not have this with my first two children, so to experience it right after the third was remarkable.  Now, I am noticing that I have less cravings when I take it.  My body is getting a lot of needed micro-nutrients from the AFA.

By angelpeace33

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