Why I created this site and program?

When I was a child, I grew up in the most dysfunctional home you can possibly imagine.  As a middle school French teacher, I witnessed again, the norms of society oppressing children and parents struggling to figure things out.  Then as a parent myself, of course, I see how hard it is to parent yourself and your children, and how hard it can be to transform.  As I have transformed many aspects of my self and life, there is always much more work to do.  That said, after 8 years of mothering, a divorce, and one major change after another, what I’ve realized is that I’m pretty good at making drastic changes, either in my life or in my self.  Most people are scared to make changes.  There are few changes that scare me these days.  For that reason, I am offering services to parents who want to make drastic changes, but feel they need some support.  Parenting is hard, any parent knows that.  My purpose is to help you and your children through tough times, with love and compassion, and a great deal of personal experience to help guide you.  I am blessed to have a strong connection to God and my team of Spirit Guides who are also here to assist you.  We hope to be of service to you.



By angelpeace33

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