Purification, Detoxification and the Whole Family

It’s so important obviously for parents and children to eat healthy whole organic foods.  Eating raw foods (fruits and veggies) is challenging for busy families and as a mother to 3 boys, I know how challenging it is to get a vegetable in their mouth.  Especially with children of divorce, two households, the children can eat one way at one house and another at the other, consistency is a challenge and as parents we need support in maintaining a high vibration and we need to continuously set a good example for our children.  I love to discover desserts I know my children will eat, and often it involves fruit.  Raw fruit recipes be they smoothies or desserts are a total success in my house.  Veggie dishes, less so.  However, little by little the key is that over time, the more you eat a healthy food (don’t force your kids to eat it) the more they will be willing to try it.  Eventually they will adjust.  It might be wise to invest in a raw food book with photos of dishes and let them pick one out and you can make it as a family.

I will share a delicious recipe I made last night, but please note, I don’t measure, so measurements are approximate:

A vita-mix is essential.  A food processor is a plus.  All ingredients are raw and uncooked.

Find a square or rectangular pan or glass dish, you will press the crust into the bottom and sides and then fill it with the filling and then place it in the freezer for a few hours to set, set time depends on the size of the dish and depth of the fruit bars.


About a cup and a half of macademia nuts

Dates – about 3

Coconut sugar – just enough to taste a little sweet

Flax Oil

Dried Coconut – maybe a half cup

You could squeeze a little lemon juice, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and also a little water or coconut water, just a touch to help it blend.  I blended until it was partially blended, so it was still crunchy, then I press into into the pan and put in the freezer while I made the filling.


Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry (all frozen)  About 2 cups or maybe a bit more

1 pomegranate ~ seeds

4 dates

coconut sugar ~ not too much, maybe 1-2T

Meat of one coconut

Coconut butter – about a half cup (this is what was used to thicken it)

Lemon juice – about half a lemon juiced

Coconut water ~ just enough so the mixture blends.  Add more water to thin it.  Add more fruit or coconut butter to thicken it.  It should be thick enough so it will set.  If it’s too runny, it won’t set.

(Here you could add lucuma, maca, cacao, other fruits, anything you wish really, soy lecithin is also good to help thicken and create a better texture.)

Blend and pour into crust and set for about 2 hours in the freezer.  I keep mine in the freezer and take it out to thaw a bit to serve when soft.  Kids will love this dish!  Parents too of course!

Raw foods will bring more light into your body and in time the whole family is happier.  It’s amazing what happens when you get the nutrition you need and the energy from live foods.

By angelpeace33

What does transformation really take?

Creator of Total Family Metamorphosis

Creator of Total Family Metamorphosis

Transformation requires self-honesty, fearlessness, and a willingness to let go completely of that which isn’t serving you or your highest good.  Attachments are often what stop us from fully transforming.  How do you know if you still have attachments?  You still do things you don’t like.  You still think about things you don’t want to think about.

So we ask ourselves often, when is enough enough?  These are the types of questions we ask when it’s truly time to release the old and outworn parts of our SELF.

So how do we do this?  Often it takes the support of a guide, or several guides to move us through a major release or transformation.  It’s good to ask for help.  And it’s good to recognize we need help.  My biggest transformations always came during sessions with others.  This is still true to this day.  For the deepest letting go’s often require a guide.

We offer you that guide, and we offer you a change to dig deep into yourself to release that which isn’t serving you.  We point the way, we don’t do it for you.  We all have our hidden spots, places in our Self that needs transformation and there are many routes to healing.

Bring yourself to a new place within, where you feel comfortable, where you feel good, where you feel “right” within yourself, for yourself and for a permanent transformation that will trickle into all aspects of life.  Letting go frees up so much space in the body for new creative flow and joy.  There is sometimes a temporary pain or fear, but after you move through it, you often think, “Gosh, why didn’t I do that sooner?”  So why wait?

We have a call this Friday!  Learn more at our Facebook page, Andria Rose.

Lots of love and light during these days of transformation and creation!  We are all digging deep, reaching higher and loving more.

In gratitude,

By angelpeace33

Star Children, Special Needs Children, All Children and their needs

We are addressing the needs of many children here on the planet, and within that group falls many categories of diagnoses and labels which I am quite clear are detrimental to your child’s happiness.  We are in a time where great knowledge and wisdom are accessible to us for finding holistic and natural remedies for our children’s (and our own) issues.  Drugs, psychiatrists and diagnoses are intended for acute, severe and emergency situations only, however we must state that they are NOT the solution.  They are a two-day band-aid.  The problem in you and in your child will remain.  So how do we address the children’s needs?

There is a need to address diet, environment, school, family life, past trauma, past life trauma, energy healing and spiritual life in order to completely examine the situation.  And we need to as parents or adults become extremely honest about our own personal dysfunctions before we project them onto our children.  Our children are merely the DNA, emotions, energetic and physical offspring of ourselves.  We cannot deny or negate that what is present in our children is also present within us, even their violent behavior.  We cannot polarize them and make them “wrong.”  They are simply mirrors for society to see their own toxic behavior.

The single most effective tool for calming and healing children (and adults) is time spent barefoot on the Earth outside in nature.  The more severe a case, the more time on the ground is needed.  Take your children out of school and let them run on the Earth for a week barefoot and see what shifts.  Walk, run, hug trees, play games, build things, garden, sit and lay on the grass, pick flowers, swim in lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean.  Even if it is cold and rainy, you can still swim in the ocean if you want to.  It can be so very healing.

There is a very well-known Hawaiian doctor named Dr. Hew Len, who used the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer and practice of Ho’oponopono to transform and entire psych ward.  He never met with the patients, he merely altered their energy by looking at their files and praying.  Energy knows no time and space, healing knows no time and space.

There are also other well known miracle healers such as Braco, Bruno Groening and John of God.

http://www.bracoamerica.com and http://www.braco-tv.com (for livestreaming which is happening now through Dec. 21st)



These groups are either free, or very inexpensive ways of spiritually healing a situation.  If you understand that all physical disease is created in the mind, and understand that all outward expression is a result of an inner state of being, you can learn how shifting a situation through prayer or energy healing can be most beneficial.  There are years of documented testimonials that speak for themselves in regards to these three mediums I have listed above.

Now for diet, I will list many well-known remedies and solutions for adults and children, and will point you to my book, There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Child:  Finding Peace in Parenting, which addresses all of this and more.

Detoxification is very important if your child has been eating fish, the standard American diet of junk food, GMOs, pesticides, fluoridated water, getting vaccines, exposure to radiation and EMFs from cell phones, wifi, smart meters, cell towers, microwaves and more, etc.  In general, when you detoxify your home, your self, your life and your children, you will see improvements.

Some fast acting remedies are:

Vitamin D3, fish oil, omega 3 oils, all of which Americans are extremely deficient in.  You can often give twice the RDA for these items, even with Vitamin D3, you can give much more than the RDA since most Americans are so deficient.  Dr. Mercola has written extensive articles about this.  I recommend you consult his website for more information.

AFA blue green algae and all green superfoods such as chlorella, spirulina and more.  These ingredients calm children, give important nutrition to them and also help them to focus.  It’s amazing what happens when children finally get the nutrients they need and the same of course goes for adults.  You can try green juices and green smoothies to speed up the process of getting more nutrition in the body.

Meditation:  There are many forms of meditation and contemplative or other spiritual practices.  In general, we all need to meditate as a daily practice, not just 10 minutes here or there (although that’s a good start) but in every moment, mindful, with the breath and aware of what we are feeling and experiencing.  This will greatly help everyone, especially the children.

Yoga:  Yoga Kids is an amazing program.  Children of all kinds report major improvements with a yoga practice, which can also include chanting, dancing, music, meditation and breathing exercises.

Energy Healing:  Modalities such as Reiki are excellent for clearing and calming children, as with any spiritual practice or prayer work. It’s helpful to learn a method of energy healing, your sensitive child will greatly appreciate this.  All children respond to energy, all of the time.  If you shift the energy, the child will shift.

Homeopathic Doctors:  If there is a miracle pill out there, it’s homeopathy.  I have personally witnessed overnight shifts in myself and in children by finding the right remedy.

Chinese Doctors and Acupuncture with herbs:  Can be one of the most balancing, soothing and effective tools for treating major imbalances in adults and children.

Massage (especially Cranio-Sacral):  Is often a very effective calming tool for sensitive people.

Now, you might offer the excuse that these things all cost money.  The truth is that you can learn to do all of them at home by reading books, watching YouTube videos, going to trainings, etc.  You can always call energy workers and ask for a trade, explain your situation.  I never turn people down because of money issues, it always is a person to person experience and I charge only based on what Spirit guides me to do in the moment.

These remedies can act quickly, however, the overall benefit of them is experienced over time.  Within 1-3 months you will notice a marked shift in your children.  Definitely within a year you will see major shifts.  It’s most effective if the whole family takes part in the same practices.  The purpose of my site here is that I intuitively help families create a plan for their healing.  And for most of us, if we make a good effort, we will see results in time.  There are no promises, each situation is different, however I know that you can and will find the right natural solutions for your own children.

You can email me at childrensforumforpeace@gmail.com for more information.


AndriaAndria Angel Peace Photo

By angelpeace33

Why I created this site and program?

When I was a child, I grew up in the most dysfunctional home you can possibly imagine.  As a middle school French teacher, I witnessed again, the norms of society oppressing children and parents struggling to figure things out.  Then as a parent myself, of course, I see how hard it is to parent yourself and your children, and how hard it can be to transform.  As I have transformed many aspects of my self and life, there is always much more work to do.  That said, after 8 years of mothering, a divorce, and one major change after another, what I’ve realized is that I’m pretty good at making drastic changes, either in my life or in my self.  Most people are scared to make changes.  There are few changes that scare me these days.  For that reason, I am offering services to parents who want to make drastic changes, but feel they need some support.  Parenting is hard, any parent knows that.  My purpose is to help you and your children through tough times, with love and compassion, and a great deal of personal experience to help guide you.  I am blessed to have a strong connection to God and my team of Spirit Guides who are also here to assist you.  We hope to be of service to you.



By angelpeace33

3 Awesome Products for you and your family!

Hello Friends,

Here are 3 naturally amazing products to improve your health and well-being.  I discovered these products by serendipity and have used all three and found great results in my energy levels.  My Spirit guides then told me that I would share this information with others to help them heal, improve their energy and awaken to their fullest potential.   

With love, Andria Wagner   http://www.AngelPeace.com

Email me at angelpeace33@gmail or call me at 408.409.5208 for more information.

1)Vitality made by NuSkin USA – Vitality is a mix of three plant materials which are formulated to increase energy and stimulate regeneration of the body.  One of the ingredients is cordyceps.  Read more here about cordyceps: http://superfoodu.com/cordyceps-mushrooms/    I took this product for over a year before I became pregnant for the third time.   I noticed increased stamina, energy and concentration, as well as not needing to sleep as much.  Vitality reverses aging by correcting negative gene expression. 

2)Galvanic Spa made by NuSkin USA – The Galvanic Spa is a multi-use handheld facial tool.  It fits in the palm of your hand and you use it about twice a week to give yourself an anti-aging facial.  Besides making your face look younger and younger, the product stimulates acupressure points giving you and all-over body tune-up, improving the flow of energy, just by stimulating the points in the face.  Men and women can benefit, but of course, it is mostly used by women (though the women I know who use it have shown how well it works to their husbands and the men start using it too).  I bought this product after receiving a demo on just half of my face.  At just age 33, I noticed major improvements after just one treatment such as;  smoothing out of wrinkles, less puffiness, less gray color under the eyes, tighter pores, brighter skin and a brighter aura.   Those who use it report compliments from many people wondering what they are doing differently as the results are very noticeable.  The tool actually reverses aging of the skin and body.  The gels used with the Galvanic also correct negative gene expression, literally shutting off aging factors in the body.

3)StemEnhance2 made by StemTech – Stem Enhance 2 is a capsule form of AFA Blue Green Algae and Cordyceps, plus two other active ingredients, which stimulate healing of the body.  You will notice improved energy, stamina, and health almost immediately.  With AFA, the function of Stem Enhance is different than Vitality (mentioned above).  AFA is a super-food with many health benefits, you can read more here:  http://www.indigochild.net/a_die_indigo_kinder_blaugruene_algen.htm

I took Stem Enhance 2 right after giving birth and I felt all of my energy come back into my body, it was the most immediate & amazing result I’ve felt.  My vision came into focus, my mind cleared and I was incredibly present and brought back to “normal” right after the birth of my third son.  I did not have this with my first two children, so to experience it right after the third was remarkable.  Now, I am noticing that I have less cravings when I take it.  My body is getting a lot of needed micro-nutrients from the AFA.

By angelpeace33

Would you like to try a new Breakthrough Session with Andria?

Bringing more Light and Peace into the home for greater transformation


Dear Friends, Spirit has prompted me to offer this new breakthrough session to my former clients and students first.  This is a special offer and introduction to my new offerings for 2012.  I am only being guided to offer only 5 sessions this week, so if you are interested, schedule your session today.

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We will guide you to:

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